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Access Control Security Product

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CCTVCO professional products

Control Panels

Oversees the operation of up to 12 doors control boxes (proximity card readers)

  • Supports 15,000 users
  • Programmable card expiration support
  • Anti-pass back support
  • Compact design

Proximity Card Readers

Flexible programming,Biometric Fingerprint, Illuminated Keypads

  • Outdoor
  • IP and Non-IP model availablet
  • Multiple read methods
  • Strong ABS plastic cases

Proximity Cards & Fobs

Keyfob Proximity Tag, Pack of 25, 50 Proximity Cards

  • Designed for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Can bear printed material
  • Short response time

Door Entry Systems

Doorbell Cameras, Video Door Phones, EZ Pass Reader

  • Do Not Disturb functions
  • Built-in microphones
  • Monitor caller/mute caller
  • Built-in speakers

Magnetic Door Locks

Dual Voltage, LED Indicator, U,L,Z Brackets

  • Anodized aluminum housings
  • Complete hardware included
  • Detachable faceplates
  • Remote exit button connections

Electric Door Hardware

Fail Secure Door Strike, Electric Dead Bolts,Glass Door Brackets

  • Solid aluminum parts
  • Machined slots, ports and holes
  • Built for durability

Exit Devices

Touchless IR Sensors,Push-To-Exit Boxes,Microwave Motion Sensors,Relay Kits

  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Durable stainless steel plates
  • Touchless IR Sensors
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