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Low Cost Outdoor Turret CCTV with IR

The MAX-250 outdoor CCTV camera is designed with a high resolution 500 TV-line CCD video sensor. It has a metal housing for vandal resistance.

This camera has an internal infrared array that illuminates the darkest night. The camera is automatic and switches from color mode to black-and-white mode when the light level drops low enough to turn on the infrared array. There are no user settings to adjust, making this a simple CCTV camera for any user to install and use.

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dome comparison chart
  • 1/4" color CCD video sensor
  • 3.6mm fixed focus lens
  • High resolution: 500 TV-lines
  • 24 infrared LEDs
  • Outdoor rated: IP66
  • All metal construction
  • Integrated lens separator to eliminate IR haze/glare
  • Power: 12VDC (sold separately)
  • Color: black