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COR-IPD5 720P Hi Def Anti-Vandal Outdoor IP Dome

Good for indoor or outdoor settings and places where it may receive unwanted attention, this anti-vandal/anti-tamper dome camera provides high definition surveillance video and has a built-in infrared array so it can provide it's own illumination in total darkness. Cables can't be touched when they are routed through the base (a sealed, side opening is provided in case the user can't route cables go through the base).  This camera can provide video up to 720p resolution. ONVIF compatible.  Click here to read more.

COR-IPD7 Anti-Vandal IP High Definition 1080P Outdoor IP Camera

Good for indoor or outdoor settings, this IP camera is constructed with vandals in mind. It has a tough dome that can take a beating and a thick, heavy all-metal case that can give any vandal a hard time. Cables can't be touched when they are routed through the base (a sealed, side opening is provided in case the user can't route cables go through the base).  This camera can provide video up to 1080p resolution in real time. ONVIF compatible.  Click here to read more.

COR-IPD2 IP Camera with Megapixel Lens and IP Filtering

This indoor dome camera supports 2-way communication and has a micro SD card slot for adding additional memory. It offers a user/admin password security setup and IP filtering for more control over secure access. It provides users with high definition security camera imaging they can view on an iPhone, Android, Symbian or Blackberry portable device. ONVIF compatible.  Click here to read more.

COR-IP1WS Single Channel Video Encoder with Triple Streaming

Add a secure video stream to your favorite CCTV camera and access it from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This product has one video input and one audio input, so if you have a microphone and a speaker you can get 2-way communication with the person you are monitoring on camera. A sensor/relay block lets you connect alarms and NO/NC relays. Internal SD card slot and RS485 serial communication. Includes power and activity LED and loop-out connectors for audio and video. Click here to read more.

COR-SP380I Next Generation High Intensity Infrared PTZ

An outdoor PTZ camera can cover a lot of area, under manual control or automatic touring. This camera is perfect for plazas, parks, and large areas that get dark at night thanks to long range infrared LEDs that reach more than a hundred yards into the dark. Click here to read more about this PTZ dome camera.


This addition to our fine 553-series professional security cameras offers users economy and high video quality. In fact, it's Hi Definition quality. This Serial Digital Interface (SDI) camera uses standard coaxial cables to transmit high definition quality video.  That means you can upgrade a present installation without tearing up cable runs. Your clients don't have to upgrade to IP to get HD video. Click here to read more about this SDI CCTV security camera.

COR-553HD Megapixel Compatible Professional CCTV

We took our fantastically popular 553-series camera and added a premium quality digital signal processor and megapixel compatibility. To give users the chance to fine tune this camera we built it around an on-screen display (OSD) menu. This lets users "tweak" specific operations. An automatic mechanical IR filter protects video quality when switching from day (color) to night (b/w) mode. Other features include C/CS-lens mount compatibility, digital slow shutter, dual power and PrePro and more. Click here to read more about this CCTV security camera.

RAPPIX 1080p SDI Video Recorder

Upgrade existing installations without removing or replacing existing coaxial cable  - just use it for new SDI security cameras. Clients love it - no need to rip things apart or disrupt daily operations for the upgrade. Merely install an SDI camera on existing coaxial cable network and hook up a Rappix security DVR. Compare their current CCTV camera quality with the SDI camera, side by side, on the same network, and wait for them to call back and order more SDI cameras.  Click here to read more about this security DVR.


Built for network environments, this network video recorder (NVR) communicates only with IP cameras. This tiny performer records real time lightning fast video from up to 4 devices and includes an audio track for each device. Connect megapixel or non-megapixel cameras. The Nexxa 4 NVR uses revolutionary dual buffering merge technology that improves remote video viewing performance by using multiple video streams and blending them when necessary to fill missing frames or correct other problems that effect viewing quality.  Other features include motion detection, water mark, digital zoom and audio recording.  Click here to read more about this NVR.

NEXXA 9 Hybrid DVR

This family of megapixel camera compatible hybrid DVRs let you connect IP cameras and traditional CCTV (analog) cameras to the same box. Connect an HDMI compatible monitor for crystal clear pictures. The 9-channel Nexxa 9 is perfect for surveillance installations that demand a mixture of old and new technology. That means total flexibility with selection and installation. Users will find it easy to use, with features like real time recording, circular recording, IP auto-detect and more. This is a perfect digital watchdog. Other features include motion detection, water mark, digital zoom and audio recording.  Read more about this DVR here.

COR-557HIM with OSD

We put our best selling outdoor dome camera through a big upgrade. Now it has a new Megapixel lens and a Sony SUPER HAD II CCD video sensor in it that work together to produce standard CCTV video at 750 TV-lines (or more). It also has an OSD menu for fine tuning.  You can program dozens of operating parameters and features in the OSD menu using an on-board mini joystick that you can access after removing the cover.  Or, if you have an attached DVR with RS485 communications, you can program the camera through a DVR-interface.  Read more about this camera here.

COR-LCD25 Portable Battery Powered Test Monitor w/Camera Power Supply

Use this battery powered portable monitor to test your camera on the ground and save time on the ladder. You don't even need to have power - the ECL-LCD25 has it's own power supply for the camera you want to test. Plug the camera into the COR-LCD25, connect its video cable, and test, focus, and set OSD options.  Contains a 12VDC supply - perfect for most CCTV cameras. Lightweight, easy to use. The 2.5-inch color LCD screen gives you a perfect view. Comes with internal lithium battery and charger.

 A global leader in security surveillance technologies since 1998,  investment in research and development and a strong focus on quality control has driven Cortex's success.

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